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How 2020 is the Age for All Natural Skincare and Hemp Beauty Products

September 24, 2020

How 2020 is the Age for All Natural Skincare and Hemp Beauty Products

The threat of the pandemic makes us wear masks, combined with other measures to prevent the spread of Covid-19. However, wearing a mask can cause skin problems, ranging from skin peeling, rashes, dryness, and acne. 

If truth be told, the year 2020 is the age for all natural skincare and use of hemp beauty products. Read on to know more about skincare industry trends from this year onwards: 

Skincare industry trends 2020

We all desire that glowing, clear and make-up free skin. And the all-natural look has never looked so good!

The thing is, the quarantine period offers us a way to break from wearing pore-clogging beauty products.  Still, we need a skincare routine that allows us to have flawless skin with minimal make-up. Read on to know more about the skincare industry trends in 2020!

  1. Prep your skin with vital nutrients

The topical application of vitamins can help improve skin elasticity, giving you that brighter and younger looking skin. Recent research reveals that topical application helps in the fast penetration of vitamins to the skin’s epidermal layer.

Still, the efficacy of topical applications largely depends on the formulation. Now, beauty experts want you to stop the guess work and take advantage of the fast-absorbing efficacy of facial serums

  1. Prioritize hydration

Hydrating your skin goes beyond using skincare products. While using serum directly to your skin helps to hydrate and prevent water loss, drinking more water plays a huge role in letting your skin look its best. 

  1. Brighten up

Use natural products containing essential ingredients from retinol, green tea to lighten pigmentation. The Divan Beauty Age Defying Hemp Face Serum contains essential vitamins to boost collagen production and promote healthy skin tone. 

We know vitamin C in particular to promote a youthful skin glow. It helps fade pigmentation, while smoothing the skin and reduce dullness. 

  1. Moisturize

Another skincare industry trend is the use of moisturizer. But remember that skincare moisturizers are not created equal. Choose a product rich in vitamin E and other potent ingredients that promote moisturizing and healing benefits. 

  1. Let hemp beauty do its work

Green beauty is one among the skincare industry trends in 2020. Green beauty refers to the minimization of synthetic ingredients in beauty products. Divan Beauty recognized the skin’s need for simplicity and offers skincare products made from all natural ingredients. 

What is the best natural skincare?

We look up to consuming a balanced diet and engaging in regular exercise for a healthy body. In the same way, we want our skin, the largest organ in the body, to get the natural pampering it deserves. 

Many skincare brands promote their products as the best natural skincare. So, it helps to know these tips, to know what to look for in a natural skincare product:

  • Check that your skincare product meets the organic label standard. Be cautious in using products made of synthetic ingredients, as these might cause skin irritation.
  • Your skincare product is certified as an evidenced that it meets the desired quality standards. For example, a Certificate of Analysis ensures that the product conforms to organoleptic, ingredients and packaging specifications. 

Hemp-based skincare obsession

One of the trending beauty secrets in 2020 is not at all a secret. Men and women know all about the potency of hemp extracts in plumping and nourishing the skin. 

Case in point: Divan beauty skincare products are the best skincare by the gram. It leverages the potency of CBD in allowing men and women to rediscover themselves through better skincare. 

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