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Look Better on Your Zoom Calls

August 10, 2020

Zoom Call

by Graile Palgue

How to Use Divan Products to Look Better on Your Zoom Calls

Being in frequent Zoom calls, Google Hangout, and other means of virtual meetings is a reality for most work-from-home people now. That being said, you would like to feel comfortable in the skin you’re in during these calls. Divan Beauty has created affordable and effective skincare products to make you look great, not only during video conferences but at any time of the day. 

Look better on zoom with these Divan skincare tips:

Pamper your skin with Divan Beauty Age-Defying Hemp Face Serum

Has the frequent Zoom calls got you worried about skin redness and inflammation? Apply Divan Beauty Age-Defying Hemp Face Serum after your cleansing and toning routine. This anti-aging face serum contains hemp extract that reduces skin inflammation and discomfort.

Hemp Serum

Directions: For a radiant and lively look, apply a small amount of serum on the face, gently massaging on skin twice daily or as needed. The Divan Beauty Age-Defying Hemp Face Serum is well-formulated and absorbs quickly, making it ideal to use with your favorite moisturizer. Still, Kristina Goldenberg, a board-certified dermatologist in New York, suggests waiting for the serum to settle into the skin before applying moisturizer.

Boost your skincare with Divan Beauty Age-Defying Hemp Moisturizer

Moisturizing is an important component of a basic skincare regimen. It helps delay skin aging and protects the skin from its daily exposure to environmental hazards. However, with the harmful effects of chemical-derived moisturizers, the beauty industry has started to shift towards herbal products.

The recent advances in skincare preparations leverage the power of hemp extracts in combination with other potent herbs. 

HempHemp Moisturizer

The Divan Beauty Age-Defying Hemp Moisturizer contains natural and plant-derived ingredients. This luxurious moisturizer is expertly formulated to deliver hemp extract, cucumber extract, sweet almond oil, and carrot root oil for healthy and younger-looking skin.

Direction: Use your fingertips to massage the serum onto your face with a circular motion. Let the moisturizer fully absorb before putting make-up.

Achieve a brighter complexion with Skin Brightener Serum

Amp up your looks with the Divan Skin Brightener Serum, formulated to lighten your skin and reduce pigmentation. This brightening serum reduces the appearance of wrinkles, prevents signs of aging, and brightens the skin in just a few days.

Brightening Serum

Divan Skin Brightener Serum helps even out skin tone and lighten dark spots. It contains Alpaflor GigawhiteTM, a unique blend of 7 organic and fair trade-certified plant extracts.

Direction: Use your finger-tips to apply a pea-size amount of serum around the eyes and face, twice daily. Massage in a circular motion for brightening serum to properly absorb.

Divan Beauty products support the skin’s natural process of regeneration. It contains vitamins and antioxidants that are particularly valuable to fend off skin damage and stimulate repair.

Recent evidence about skincare reveals that anti-oxidants counter the production of Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS), a key factor that promotes premature skin aging.  The ROS destroys the skin cell molecules causing a cross-linking of collagen and elastin. The cross-linking of collagen and elastin is associated with wrinkle formation and skin aging.   

The application of hemp extract and other potent natural products directly to the skin counters the adverse effect of ROS. It is not surprising that many Divan Beauty users recommend this product for its effectiveness in brightening the skin while keeping it healthy and youthful.


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