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Trylagen: A Brightening Ingredient for Younger Looking Skin

September 01, 2020

Trylagen: A Brightening Ingredient for Younger Looking Skin

Trylagen is a skin brightening ingredient that helps in achieving younger looking skin by restoring healthy collagen levels. It contains active peptides and proteins, which are both essential in brightening the skin and reducing wrinkles. Skincare products that contain Trylagen are effective in increasing the collagen level that helps to maintain younger-looking skin.

Looking for a skincare ingredient that will clean and penetrate your skin more easily? Help yourself with the rejuvenating effect of Trylagen.

Trylagen Skin Brightening Ingredient

Tryagen contains peptides, which are amino acids that serve as the building blocks of proteins required for collagen production. The addition of Peptides in your skincare routine helps to resolve many skin issues.

On one hand, the lack of peptides in the skin may result in loss of firmness, dull texture, and eventually the appearance of wrinkles.  On the other hand, a healthy level of collagen helps to increase skin elasticity, maintain a healthy tone and prevent skin aging.

Using skin care products such as moisturizer that contains peptides helps in achieving firmer and younger-looking skin.

How to Integrate Trylagen in a Skincare Routine

The Tryagen in skincare products helps accelerate your skincare. Considering the positive effect of Peptides as topical ingredients, its combination with other skincare ingredients helps in achieving the best results. For example, the blending of Peptides with antioxidants and other skin-replenishing ingredients is known to address signs of aging.

In addition, topical products that contain Trylagen boost collagen production and brighten skin. This makes Trylagen as an effective skin treatment and an ideal component of your skincare routine.

One way of integrating Trylagen in your skincare routine is to choose topical products that contain this potent ingredient.

As a Registered Nurse, the founder of Divan Beauty knows about the importance of making it a habit to maintain a healthy skincare routine. Hence, Divan Beauty created skincare products that contain Trylagen and other ingredients ideal for any skin type. Its Divan Beauty Age-Defying Hemp Moisturizer is created to enhance your skincare with its potent anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant components.

Skincare Steps

The collagen level in both men and women declines with age. This is especially for those who are approaching their 40s. Note that by the age of 40, the majority of people start to lose their collagen production with an increasing rate. It’s a phenomenon that requires attention if you want to maintain that youthful glow!

Here are skincare steps that may help maintain a healthy level of collagen:

  • Avoid extensive sun exposure. Sun exposure of about 5 minutes may stimulate Collagenase. This is an enzyme that is responsible for destroying collagen.
  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle and avoid factors such as smoking and alcohol.
  • Integrate collagen and skin renewal in your skincare.
  • Use creams and serums that contain special ingredients such as Trylagen. Studies reveal that Trylagen increases collagen production and reduces fine lines and wrinkles.


Your skin craves attention and you can provide this with the application of topical products that contain Trylagen. This special ingredient helps to increase collagen production, and also reduces the appearance of wrinkles.

If you are looking to discover new products that contain Trylagen, head over to Divan Beauty products website. It has affordable skincare products that help you achieve a firm and tight looking skin. 

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